Most people can squeak out a few songs on a guitar, ukulele, or piano. Others have gained skill in one of the many musical instruments we have to choose from. But for a select few, the desire to learn and grow musically is a process of mastery that will define them as musicians. Do you think this might be you?

6 Things To Look For When Buying An Acoustic Guitar

Few things equal the pleasure of buying a new acoustic guitar. The whisper of crushed velvet as the guitar is pulled from the case. The tonal scratch of the strings as your figures brush the neck of the guitar. Buying an acoustic guitar should be a sensory experience.

Musical Instruments As An investment


You have had your fair share of musical instruments in the past if you’re serious about your craft. Some you buy new, others you buy second-hand. However, there are those musical instruments that call to your heart and soul.


My wife told me long, long ago that “Love is a Choice”. Though I wondered aimlessly for several years after hearing this, there did come a day when it dawned on me exactly what this meant.  So I fully committed to make THE choice. From that moment on we gracefully started down a different path in our relationship. And what a great choice.