How To Care For Your Flute

The flute is among the most delicate band instruments. It is usually made of nickel, silver, or brass and may be silver-plated. More expensive pipes are made using solid silver, gold or platinum.  The modern transverse flute includes three joints; the head joint, the body joint, and the foot joint.

Instrument care: Do-it-yourself or hire a repair technician

I have an old Fender, handed down from my grandfather, which I just love.  My relationship with that guitar has lasted my entire life, and now, in my 40s, I can’t imagine a time when I won’t have it.

Because it’s such a lovely instrument, with a low mellow tone and great action, I take special care in its maintenance.

How To Clean A Fretboard And Avoid Damaged Wood

What do I do to my guitar, banjo, bass, ukulele fretboard? To oil or not to oil? That is the question.