What To Expect During Your Cello Lesson

You finally have your hands on your new cello!  It has a long, graceful neck and fingerboard with gently rolling shoulders and edge-work, ending in a stout peg box. Like its sister the violin, the cello is a romantic instrument. It is also versatile.

Finding Your Place In The Orchestra

Making the decision to play a musical instrument is a big step in a person's life. Your choice of musical instrument will affect your place in the musical world for years to come. Will you be a member of the woodwinds, playing high, breathless trills and sweet low tones? Will you jam out as a member of the percussion family? Becoming a member of the orchestra means choosing to belong to one of four families.

Thinking About Buying A New Guitar

 Kittles Music has been in business for many years, and one thing I have always noticed is that we take quite a few guitars on trade. I like to put myself in the mindset of the customer and ask myself some important questions to think about when purchasing a guitar. I divide my thinking into two groups. What to reflect on before I walk into the music store and what I want to learn while trying out different guitars.

Building Your First Drum Kit

Where does the drummer come from? No matter how rock-steady their beat now, every drummer had to start somewhere. And that somewhere was a drum kit. We can share a little about each part of the drum kit and give you an idea of how they work together. Because soon, drummer, you’ll have to start your own kit.